Opportunity in a crisis: How Spoke Phone went from $99 to $20,000 MRR customers over COVID

Spoke Phone Increased TCV by 40,716% over COVID

The way we were

The problems we saw but chose to ignore

Early Roadmap Ranking Using Spoke Phone’s Master Execution Roadmap Methodology
Early Roadmap Prioritization Rankings We Applied As The Business Matured

Another brick in the wall

Spoke Phone’s Brand Subtly Shifted Towards the Enterprise Buyer During The Pivot

A brave decision to change everything

Changing everything while sticking to your principals

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Concept

There’s gold in them thar hills

Spoke Phone’s Mobile-First Design Philosophy Paid Big Dividends With Enterprise Users

The importance of selecting the right partners

Twilio Is A Cloud Communications Platform.
Spoke Phone Is Built On Twilio

A little bit of luck never hurt anyone

Spoke Phone’s MER: One-Page Strategic Plan (Group View)

It always takes longer than you think

Scaling Up! A Worthwhile Read by Verne Harnish For Those Looking To Scale

Today, we look forward with confidence

Spoke Phone Supporting True Enterprise Mobility

Let’s have a conversation

Me & some mates on a 1,800KM off-road dirt bike ride across the mountains from Hanoi to China; 2019

Empowering mobile-1st business from New Zealand — annoyed by mediocrity.

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